Chwele is a trading center that brings farmers together from around the foothills of Mt. Elgon. This is NOT Central Highlands coffee – this is Kenya’s Rift Valley, closer to Uganda than to Tanzania. The region is devoted to farming, making Chwele Kenya’s the second largest open-aired market. The people here are primarily members of the Bukusu tribe, though some Tesos and Kikuyus call this home as well. Rich volcanic soils are fed with once-annual rains; 1500 mm, mostly between March and August.


Origin Details:


Producer - Small Farmer Co-Op

Country - Kenya

Region - Bungoma County

Altitude - 1600-1900 (masl)

Processing - Washed

Flavor Notes - Oranges, Figs, Dates



Mt. Elgon - Rift Valley Kenya