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12oz Bag

Origin Details:

Producer - Marcelo Assis
Country - Brazil
Region - Cerrado Mineiro, Campos Altos
Altitude - 1206 (masl)
Processing - Natural
Flavor Notes - Milk Chocolate and Red Raspberries

Marcello Assis is all about passion in practice - and he's dead set on coffee quality, which is why his coffee farms are dedicated solely to specialty coffee production. Brazil is the largest coffee exporting country in the world, and farms often split lots to sell at the best price possible instead of risking crop after crop on making the cut for quality and specialty coffee pricing. That's not the case with Campos Altos, a farm built for specialty coffee production despite the risk. Given the track record we've had with Marcello's coffees, we think he's got the right idea.

Available Whole Bean or Ground

Marcelo Assis Brazil

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