12oz Bag

Origin Details:
Producer - Antonio Lima Reis
Country - Brazil
Region - Minas Gerais
Altitude - 1350 (masl)
Processing - Natural - Static Dried
Flavor Notes - Cocoa Nib, Nutty, Raspberry

Bela Vista Estate has been in Antônio Lima Reis’ family since 1923. As the third generation to manage the land, Antônio stays true to his family values of high-quality production and strong relationships between people and planet. Over 430 hectares are devoted to coffee, with a range of varieties grown including Yellow Catuai, Topázio, Mundo Novo, and Yellow Bourbon, as well as multiple processing methods. In the static dried process, the coffee dries slowly in specially adapted boxes that alternate heat and cold air in 12 hour cycles. Coffee cherries continue dehydrating slowly while in contact with other cherries allowing fruity and winey notes to come forth.

Available Whole Bean or Ground for your convenience.

Bela Vista Brazil